Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten List - Movies Currently Playing Inside My Head

1. Summer at Camp Sodomy

2. The Grass is Always Greener

When faced with the closing of some kind of factory and/or mine, the irrepressible citizens of a small village in Wales or Ireland or somewhere band together and plan some kind of humorous and crazy event that flies in the face of their otherwise small-town sensibilities. You won't believe how far they'll go to save their town! Seriously, it's un-fucking-believable!!

3. High School Musical 5: Brutal Reckoning

When students are molested by several of their teachers and the local authorities ignore their pleas for help, the students of East High take justice into their own hands. In one of the bloodiest, most exquisitely choreographed dance/death scenes ever captured on film, your favorite high-schoolers mete out their own brand of vigilante justice. The violence is shocking. The songs are addictive. And there's dancing! You'll love the savagery and hypnotic motion of High School Musical 5: Brutal Reckoning!
"Hey, could you guys cool out with the singing and dancing? I'm going through some pretty real sh*t here."
"Tie him down! Get his hands! What do you say now, you motherf#%ker!?! Huh, you like hurting kids now, you sick f#%k!?!"
"Oh my God, you guys, I can't believe we're graduating! I'm totally gonna miss you all so much!!"

4. In Order of Appearance: A Collection of End-Credits From America's Greatest Films

Do you know who the Assistant Executive Producer was on Raiders of the Lost Ark? Can you name the gaffers on Steel Magnolias? Who catered Matrix Revolutions? Learn all of this and more in what critics are calling "3 short hours of magic and wonder." Did someone say best boy? In an exclusive bonus feature: we give you over a thousand best boys from over 700 top American films.

5. Lepers! Lepers! Lepers!

6. Frosted Tip of the Iceberg: A Brave Metrosexual's Struggle for Equality

7. Too Many Butt Plugs!

Mild-mannered accountant, Harold Stevens, lived a simple, but solitary life. That is until he received a mysterious package from his long lost uncle. Now his life has been turned upside down. Because Harold Stevens never planned on having so many butt plugs!!

8. Snakes on a Plane II: Snakes on a Cross-town Bus

"Hey, Man! Who the hell brought all these snakes on this bus!!"

9. Free-Spirited Girl Meets Uptight Boy And Teaches Him the Joy of Life, Then Dies

10. Chimpandemonium!

, a hilarious look at the life of zoo monkeys, is being hailed as a "new American classic" and "one of Disney's best films in years." When young Pambo is taken from his habitat and transferred to another zoo, the monkeys of Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo team up to fling their excrement and shriek wildly for a solid hour and a half. It will have you rolling in the aisles!

Hear what critics and audiences are saying:
"A Masterpiece! Disney has done it again! The artistry of the animated feces was exquisite. It was so life-like, as an audience, you felt like you being pelted with monkey waste, not those groups of unsuspecting tourists and school groups from the movie. Truly amazing!" - Dan Heilman of the San Jose Chronicle.
"I laughed so hard, I peed my pants and soiled my popcorn! Those monkeys were going totally apeshit! Literally!" - Anonymous
"Disney got it just right. They really nailed what it's like to deal with monkeys in a zoo. They are erratic and vicious animals." - Rick Dorffman, retired zoo keeper and survivor of two chimpanzee attacks.

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